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16.04.2019 This is how travel brands benefit from marketing attribution

Bookings via traditional travel agencies are declining nowadays. More and more consumers book their holidays online. The internet offers travelers far more opportunities for comparison and they usually aim for the cheapest offer. The vast variety of possibilities change consumers’ expectations and with that the requirements of the industry.
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04.04.2019 Why is Baseline Modeling essential for efficient marketing optimization?

Which sales would have happened without any marketing efforts? To what extent does our competition influence our revenue? How can we explain fluctuations in product sales?
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3 Reasons why you can't do without Marketing Attribution as a Retailer

02. 04. 2019
The retail sector is undergoing a lot of changes. This is not only due to the growing competition and increasing advertising spend, but also to new channels, technologies and media. Digitalization[...]

How the digital era changed consumer behavior

27. 03. 2019
The digital age has changed consumer behavior permanently. Your online shop is no longer the only and most important sales channel. Today’s reality is much more complex. Customers purchase on mobile[...]

The Top Reasons Marketers Should Combine Marketing Mix Modeling and Attribution

19. 03. 2019
Advertisers have a variety of possibilities to reach their potential customers. But with all these options, the question is which measures are really effective and achieve the desired results. In[...]

How to win big with data-driven attribution: Automated optimization of programmatic marketing

13. 03. 2019
Marketing automation is one of the trend topics in digital marketing. The field of automation is booming, both for smart bidding for search or programmatic Display advertising. In Germany alone,[...]

This is why automation is essential in online marketing

20. 02. 2019
Consumers are exposed to enormous sources of information due to the increasing number of channels, devices and technologies. This has drastically changed the way advertisers reach their target[...]

How to align your company objectives with relevant key metrics

15. 02. 2019
One of the biggest challenges that marketers are facing today is measuring the success and profitability of their campaigns. In an increasingly data-driven industry, marketing strategies must prove[...]

3 Tips for an effective Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

13. 02. 2019
Multi-channel marketing means being connected to the customer anytime and anywhere, wherever he or she is. And this is increasingly online. Today, 4 billion people use the Internet. That's 55% of the[...]

More efficiency in marketing: 3 use cases for dynamic attribution

08. 02. 2019
Nowadays, digital marketing can be found in just about every advertising company. While about 10-15 years ago it was still unimaginable to do online banking, spontaneously book a flight using a[...]
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