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07.12.2020 Why CMO's need to digitise their Marketing Controlling now

Corona and the Limits of Marketing Controlling
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14.05.2019 Interview: What are the trending topics around Marketing Attribution?

Jörn Grunert is a MarTech enthusiast and expert in data-driven marketing attribution. For 6 years, he has been Managing Director at Exactag and is responsible for the strategic orientation of the company. With over 20 years of experience as a leader in digital AdTech and MarTech start-ups, he sets the course for innovative technologies.
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How to align your company objectives with relevant key metrics

15. 02. 2019
One of the biggest challenges that marketers are facing today is measuring the success and profitability of their campaigns. In an increasingly data-driven industry, marketing strategies must prove[...]

3 Tips for an effective Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

13. 02. 2019
Multi-channel marketing means being connected to the customer anytime and anywhere, wherever he or she is. And this is increasingly online. Today, 4 billion people use the Internet. That's 55% of the[...]

More efficiency in marketing: 3 use cases for dynamic attribution

08. 02. 2019
Nowadays, digital marketing can be found in just about every advertising company. While about 10-15 years ago it was still unimaginable to do online banking, spontaneously book a flight using a[...]

4 Best Practice Tips for optimizing your Advertising Effectiveness

31. 01. 2019
Today's marketing landscape is more complex than ever, consumers are more demanding and to increase marketing effectiveness is a growing challenge for many advertisers.

The 5 biggest Trends in Marketing We'll See This Year

24. 01. 2019
The new year has arrived and brings with it both new challenges and opportunities for marketing specialists. After the major changes that GDPR brought last year, the question is: Which topics will[...]

4 Compelling Reasons why you should invest time in Benchmarking

17. 01. 2019
In today's digital marketing world, marketers tend to find themselves overwhelmed with a number of important metrics that need to be monitored and optimized.  In addition to planning marketing[...]

This is how Marketers fill Gaps with Multi-Touch Attribution

10. 01. 2019
Multi-Touch Attribution enables advertisers to holistically understand their customers' behavior and optimize campaigns and advertising budgets across channels. But while this approach brings[...]

A Look Into the Future: What Will Marketing Attribution Be Like One Year from Now?

03. 01. 2019
Today's attribution models enable advertisers to reflect on their clients’ customer journeys and to analyze and understand customer behavior in digital channels on a detailed level. Attribution helps[...]

The State of Marketing Attribution

18. 12. 2018
More and more advertisers recognize the potential and necessity of marketing attribution. But despite the fact that marketers give high priority to attribution, there are still many gaps and[...]

The biggest challenges for CMOs and how to overcome them

12. 12. 2018
Expectations of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are changing and growing steadily. New digital platforms, Artificial Intelligence, technological and social trends, but also increasingly demanding[...]
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