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01.07.2021 The five pillars of holistic marketing measurement

What you always wanted to know about attribution..
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World Environment Day

27.05.2021 Planting trees for more climate protection!

Why Exactag, as an attribution service provider, is involved in the World Environment Day campaign.
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10 key questions you should be asking MarTech vendors

15. 08. 2018
For most advertisers, MarTech has become an integral part of their business. High demands on marketers request that they understand customer behavior entirely and build targeted and personalized ads[...]

4 steps to tidying up the KPI chaos

12. 07. 2018
Nowadays, almost anything can be measured in marketing. Every like, follower or page view is captured. But are these measurements really important and will they bring advertisers closer to their[...]

This is how advertisers bridge the gap between online and offline data

20. 06. 2018
Consumers take it for granted to shop both online and offline. However, this switch creates gaps between channels, which makes it difficult for marketers to understand the buying behavior of their[...]

How advertisers bring AdTech and MarTech together

30. 05. 2018
AdTech and MarTech will merge in the future. However, solutions that combine the data and advantages of both, are still more of an exception than a rule. Despite the fact that customers should have a[...]

Data security in cross-device tracking

03. 05. 2018
More and more online marketers are using cross-device tracking for their advertising purposes. This trend has become evident already over the past few years. However, collecting user information[...]

How important are real-time analyses?

19. 04. 2018
Are real-time analyses and real-time attribution even necessary – especially when channels take different lengths of time to influence customer behavior? Many marketers are asking themselves this[...]

This is why today's advertisers rely on cross-device attribution

05. 04. 2018
Nowadays, media content is consumed via desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones or even smart TVs. A single user often uses multiple devices and switches seamlessly between them. This device[...]

4 Facts you should know about Walled Gardens

28. 03. 2018
Any marketer has stumbled across the term "Walled Gardens". It describes the way large online platforms keep their data to themselves. In particular, the social network giants Facebook and Google are[...]

4 trends that drive Marketing Analytics in 2018

20. 03. 2018
In our data-driven era, the need for high-quality marketing analytics is greater than ever before. Advertisers have access to increasingly more data sources, which can generate valuable insights[...]

Sociodemographic data leading to new customer insights in Marketing Attribution

14. 03. 2018
With every online marketing touchpoint or visit to a website, consumers leave their digital fingerprints and tell us about their interests, dislikes, intentions etc. In theory, the Internet offers[...]
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