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16.04.2019 This is how travel brands benefit from marketing attribution

Bookings via traditional travel agencies are declining nowadays. More and more consumers book their holidays online. The internet offers travelers far more opportunities for comparison and they usually aim for the cheapest offer. The vast variety of possibilities change consumers’ expectations and with that the requirements of the industry.
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04.04.2019 Why is Baseline Modeling essential for efficient marketing optimization?

Which sales would have happened without any marketing efforts? To what extent does our competition influence our revenue? How can we explain fluctuations in product sales?
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How important are real-time analyses?

19. 04. 2018
Are real-time analyses and real-time attribution even necessary – especially when channels take different lengths of time to influence customer behavior? Many marketers are asking themselves this[...]

This is why today's advertisers rely on cross-device attribution

05. 04. 2018
Nowadays, media content is consumed via desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones or even smart TVs. A single user often uses multiple devices and switches seamlessly between them. This device[...]

4 Facts you should know about Walled Gardens

28. 03. 2018
Any marketer has stumbled across the term "Walled Gardens". It describes the way large online platforms keep their data to themselves. In particular, the social network giants Facebook and Google are[...]

4 trends that drive Marketing Analytics in 2018

20. 03. 2018
In our data-driven era, the need for high-quality marketing analytics is greater than ever before. Advertisers have access to increasingly more data sources, which can generate valuable insights[...]

Sociodemographic data leading to new customer insights in Marketing Attribution

14. 03. 2018
With every online marketing touchpoint or visit to a website, consumers leave their digital fingerprints and tell us about their interests, dislikes, intentions etc. In theory, the Internet offers[...]

Personalization - Refining the Customer Experience with Machine Learning

08. 03. 2018
In today's digital saturated world, brand blindness is the norm and consumers are exposed to more advertising and offers than they can process. The consumer therefore expects relevant content.[...]

Ad Filter in Chrome - What does Google's new restriction imply?

21. 02. 2018
On February 15, 2018, Google launched its own ad blocker for their Chrome browser, which blocks “annoying“ or “intrusive“ advertising by default. Since, ads from publishers that have repeatedly[...]

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – FAQ

14. 02. 2018
The General Data Protection regulation of the EU – GDPR – comes into force on 25th May 2018. A deadline that is rapidly approaching.

Data in the new year: 5 Measures For A Successful Year 2018

07. 02. 2018
Big Data and Business Analytics is forecasting revenue of just over $150 billion in 2018, a figure that demonstrates the industry's immense importance, and it is clear that organizations must now[...]

Attribution Methods: Time of Conversion vs. Time of Touchpoint

31. 01. 2018
Marketing attribution is a complex issue: Attribution allows marketers to prove how successful their campaigns are and how they can also better classify and manage future advertising measures and[...]
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