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20.02.2019 This is why automation is essential in online marketing

Consumers are exposed to enormous sources of information due to the increasing number of channels, devices and technologies. This has drastically changed the way advertisers reach their target audience.
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15.02.2019 How to align your company objectives with relevant key metrics

One of the biggest challenges that marketers are facing today is measuring the success and profitability of their campaigns. In an increasingly data-driven industry, marketing strategies must prove their worth by proving their success with key metrics and KPIs.
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Data-Driven Marketing: How Does Programmatic Advertising Work?

29. 11. 2017
Programmatic Advertising (PA) describes the use of technologies to buy and sell advertising inventory with the help of automated and data-driven processes. PA is a software-based method to[...]

Best-of: the most important terms in online marketing

15. 11. 2017
Marketing attribution is a complex discipline. Today, Advertisers need to know a variety of expressions and technical terms, in order to achieve the greatest benefit. In this article we have[...]

The Success of Retargeting Campaigns – And Why Branding Is So Important

08. 11. 2017
A marketing campaign should tell a story which usually begins with the brand itself: If potential customers have never heard of a brand, it is hard to convince them to buy one of its products or[...]

Most Important Steps for Successful Customer Journey Tracking

26. 10. 2017
Consumers generally do not choose to make a purchase immediately after first learning about a product or brand. Instead, they have many different contact points with different marketing channels of[...]

Artificial Intelligence In Marketing: 4 Areas That Were Greatly Influenced by AI

19. 10. 2017
In recent years, Artificial Intelligence has already paved the way for digital marketing. Today, an incredible amount of data has to be processed there. This is where Artificial Intelligence comes[...]

4 Data Points Any Marketer Needs for Successful Attribution

11. 10. 2017
Nowadays, advertisers use a number of different technologies that produce large amounts of data, which is necessary for successful marketing attribution and to generate insights for an effective use[...]

Dmexco Recap – These are the Digital Trends in 2017

22. 09. 2017
This year's dmexco - the largest digital marketing trade fair in Europe - took place on 13 and 14 September. The Exactag team visited the fair as well and gathered a lot of interesting insights.

Marketing Attribution Part 2 – Data-Driven Attribution

04. 09. 2017
So far, it was standard for many advertisers to allocate a conversion success solely to the last marketing touchpoint. A customer journey, however, usually starts long before the last click, since a[...]

Marketing Attribution Part 1 – A Short Overview For Marketers

28. 08. 2017
There are endless ways to reach potential customers online, and companies invest more and more money in digital channels. But there’s one thing that all advertisers worry about: How do they know[...]

Successfully Integrating Data Analysis Into Your Marketing Strategy

16. 08. 2017
Many studies have already proven that companies who base their decisions on figures and analyses are more successful. Systematic evaluations help them to better understand their customers and answer[...]
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