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06.12.2018 Why this year’s Black Friday was a huge success for marketers

For many consumers, Black Friday is probably the most exciting shopping day of the year. Numerous stores and online shops lure their customers with bargains and special offers and with that celebrate the start of the Christmas season. Although Black Friday has its origins in the USA, it is also popular in many European countries today.
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27.11.2018 5 Helpful Tips for Making Budget Decisions

The number of options to reach consumers through platforms, channels and devices has rocketed in recent years. Nowadays, consumers are online anytime and anywhere. They seamlessly switch between different channels and devices. The chances of reaching potential customers have increased immensely, but the available marketing and advertising budgets haven’t.
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Challenges in Digital Marketing

27. 07. 2017
Digitalization is progressing ever faster. Consumers have access to constantly new state-of-the-art technologies. This leads to new and growing customer expectations that companies need to fulfill in[...]

How Do Offline Media Influence Online Sales?

19. 07. 2017
The Internet is the easiest measurable advertising medium. But the click-throughs and digital touchpoints that are easy to capture, don’t tell the whole story. They do not provide insights into the[...]

Branding And Performance – A Winner Combination

30. 05. 2017
In many companies, marketing and distribution operate as two separate departments. And even marketing is often not viewed as a unit in itself: While some staff is responsible for branding, others[...]

Key Figures In Marketing Attribution

05. 05. 2017
Which conversions can be allocated to which marketing measures, channels or publishers? This is what marketing attribution deals with. But even this analyzing method doesn't work without the right[...]

How Are Digital Channels Influenced By TV?

22. 03. 2017
Cross Device is no longer just an issue for smart phones and mobile devices. Offline channels, too, such as traditional TV need to be considered for effective multi-channel marketing. It's the only[...]

This is Why Cross-Device Matching Is Vital for Effective Marketing

16. 03. 2017
Consumers tend to switch between several mobile devices. Depending on their mood and availability, they surf the internet on their smart phone, buy something on their tablet or perform product[...]

Why Marketing Mix Modeling And Attribution Alone Are Not Enough

02. 03. 2017
Digitalization has created a new world of advertising: The journey from a customer’s first contact with the brand to the purchase can be tracked in detail. Marketing attribution allows us to[...]
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