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19.03.2019 The Top Reasons Marketers Should Combine Marketing Mix Modeling and Attribution

Advertisers have a variety of possibilities to reach their potential customers. But with all these options, the question is which measures are really effective and achieve the desired results. In order to make their marketing strategy as efficient as possible, companies collect and evaluate huge amounts of data to prove the ROI for each marketing initiative and to advertise as effectively as...
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13.03.2019 How to win big with data-driven attribution: Automated optimization of programmatic marketing

Marketing automation is one of the trend topics in digital marketing. The field of automation is booming, both for smart bidding for search or programmatic Display advertising. In Germany alone, around 70% of all digital Display spendings will fall back on programmatic in 2019 and spends will continue to rise by 15% compared to the previous year (emarketer Report, Programmatic Ad Spending in...
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Marketing Attribution Part 1 – A Short Overview For Marketers

28. 08. 2017
There are endless ways to reach potential customers online, and companies invest more and more money in digital channels. But there’s one thing that all advertisers worry about: How do they know[...]

Successfully Integrating Data Analysis Into Your Marketing Strategy

16. 08. 2017
Many studies have already proven that companies who base their decisions on figures and analyses are more successful. Systematic evaluations help them to better understand their customers and answer[...]

Conversions vs. Traffic – Why Conversions Matter More

02. 08. 2017
Advertisers that sell products or services online, have one obvious perpetual goal: to sell more and increase their revenue. Often, the first idea is to draw more visitors to the website. After all,[...]

Challenges in Digital Marketing

27. 07. 2017
Digitalization is progressing ever faster. Consumers have access to constantly new state-of-the-art technologies. This leads to new and growing customer expectations that companies need to fulfill in[...]

How Do Offline Media Influence Online Sales?

19. 07. 2017
The Internet is the easiest measurable advertising medium. But the click-throughs and digital touchpoints that are easy to capture, don’t tell the whole story. They do not provide insights into the[...]

Branding And Performance – A Winner Combination

30. 05. 2017
In many companies, marketing and distribution operate as two separate departments. And even marketing is often not viewed as a unit in itself: While some staff is responsible for branding, others[...]

Key Figures In Marketing Attribution

05. 05. 2017
Which conversions can be allocated to which marketing measures, channels or publishers? This is what marketing attribution deals with. But even this analyzing method doesn't work without the right[...]

How Are Digital Channels Influenced By TV?

22. 03. 2017
Cross Device is no longer just an issue for smart phones and mobile devices. Offline channels, too, such as traditional TV need to be considered for effective multi-channel marketing. It's the only[...]

This is Why Cross-Device Matching Is Vital for Effective Marketing

16. 03. 2017
Consumers tend to switch between several mobile devices. Depending on their mood and availability, they surf the internet on their smart phone, buy something on their tablet or perform product[...]

Why Marketing Mix Modeling And Attribution Alone Are Not Enough

02. 03. 2017
Digitalization has created a new world of advertising: The journey from a customer’s first contact with the brand to the purchase can be tracked in detail. Marketing attribution allows us to[...]
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