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17.01.2019 4 Compelling Reasons why you should invest time in Benchmarking

In today's digital marketing world, marketers tend to find themselves overwhelmed with a number of important metrics that need to be monitored and optimized.  In addition to planning marketing budgets and campaigns, advertisers need to maintain an overview of how these measures affect sales and ROI. Therefore, competitive intelligence often fades into the background nowadays.
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10.01.2019 This is how Marketers fill Gaps with Multi-Touch Attribution

Multi-Touch Attribution enables advertisers to holistically understand their customers' behavior and optimize campaigns and advertising budgets across channels. But while this approach brings enormous benefits, it still remains a mystery to many marketers.
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This is Why Cross-Device Matching Is Vital for Effective Marketing

16. 03. 2017
Consumers tend to switch between several mobile devices. Depending on their mood and availability, they surf the internet on their smart phone, buy something on their tablet or perform product[...]

Why Marketing Mix Modeling And Attribution Alone Are Not Enough

02. 03. 2017
Digitalization has created a new world of advertising: The journey from a customer’s first contact with the brand to the purchase can be tracked in detail. Marketing attribution allows us to[...]
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