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20.08.2021 What advertisers need to consider when analyzing marketing performance

Nine valuable tips that companies should consider when evaluating and optimizing their marketing performance.
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Why this year’s Black Friday was a huge success for marketers

06. 12. 2018

For many consumers, Black Friday is probably the most exciting shopping day of the year. Numerous stores and online shops lure their customers with bargains and special offers and with that celebrate the start of the Christmas season. Although Black Friday has its origins in the USA, it is also popular in many European countries today.

This year, the tradition of the big shopping event was continued on November 23 and boosted the revenue of many stores. In Germany it was the 13th Black Friday in a row.

Find exciting insights on this year’s Black Friday in our latest blog post.



Many of the offers started right at midnight on November 23 and the number of sales increased accordingly. Criteo reported an increase in sales of 350 percent only a few minutes after midnight. With a turnover of 2.4 billion euros, this year’s Black Friday generated 16 percent higher revenues for retailers than last year. With a total of 156.1 percent additional online sales compared to a regular Friday, the success of the Back Fridays is eminent.

As a MarTech provider, we want to know how this year’s Black Friday has affected our advertisers. The results show a clearly positive development.


 Comparison of Black Friday with a regular Friday, Source: Exactag

When comparing Black Friday with a "normal" shopping Friday, the number of clicks for Exactag advertisers increases by 72 percent, the number of page views by 113 percent and the number of conversions by 142 percent. In addition, revenues increased significantly this year. Exactag advertiser registered an increase in revenue of 212 per cent compared to a normal Friday.



While the idea of Black Friday originated in the offline context, Cyber-Monday was created especially for the world of online shops and was supposed to be the digital answer to the shopping holiday. Meanwhile, the event is celebrated throughout the entire weekend (Cyber Week). Consumers have the opportunity to shop at discounted rates and special offers for four days, both offline and online.

Last year, we already checked which of the four shopping days of the Black Friday weekend was the most successful. This year, again we investigated which day generated most conversions and drove most revenue to our marketers and compared these number to last year.


Distribution of conversions on Cyber Weekend, Source: Exactag                                                                                                                Distribution of revenue on Cyber Weekend, source: Exactag

Our analysis shows that Black Friday is still the most successful day of the weekend. With around 35 percent, it achieves the highest number of conversions and stands out considerably from the other days with 40 percent of the entire revenue.

The growing success of Black Fridays is particularly evident in comparison to the previous year. Friday was also the most successful day, but only accounted for 29 percent of conversions and 35 percent of revenue.



The Black Friday weekend 2018 was a great success. For the general market as well as for our advertisers. Consumers gladly accepted the multitude of offers and were increasingly shopping.

Although the trend in recent years has moved towards Cyber Week, Black Friday was stronger than ever.

In view of these developments, we can remain curious as to what the e-commerce is expecting for next year’s Black Friday in 2019.


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What advertisers need to consider when analyzing marketing performance

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Nine valuable tips that companies should consider when evaluating and optimizing their marketing performance.

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